Future Projects and Works in Progress

I am hoping tp present a clinic at the 2019 North East Regional NMRA convention: http://www.empirejunction.org/


I am at most of my club's appearnces.  You can see the schedule at www.valleyhotrak.com.  Feel free to come up to the layout and ask for Dave. 

I have recently bought a Cricut Maker die cutting machine and if I ever get the time I will see what it can do for model railroading. 

 My current stable of 3d printers at home includes am Anet A8 (amazing at this price), an Anycubic Photon liquid resin printer (amazing detail) and recently an Ender 3 which I will be putting through it's paces.    

One project I have been working on is an Elesco Water Heater for a New Haven Railroad Steam engine. I have a Bachman 4-8-2 that I picked up used and want to give it a New Haven Flavor, while not going crazy on trying to overdo it. Adding an elesco heater, and changing the headlight are probably the two things that will give me the biggest return.

I found some pictures, and got some advice, and discovered the New Haven installed their Elecos different ways on different locomotives, and even used different models of heater. This is what I ended up with (so far):


Next is the piping that goes down to the steam pistons. I think the fresh water pipe will be done with brass wire. After that is the pump- which I will have to decide if I design or go with a commercial casting.

It's still a work in progress.